Recipe of Níscalos al ajillo

níscalos, robellones or rovellons are mushrooms with an essential supply of fiber that make it a very satiating meals. besides, they have a top notch contribution of potassium, diet B, iron of vegetable starting place, carotenes and they have a completely low caloric contribution, given their notable amount of water.

they may be within the marketplace in autumn and are very favored in the kitchen, due to the fact both in sautéed, rice or stews, the níscalos are a delicious and nutritious snack. on this event, we organized a recipe for garlic níscalos, they are scrumptious on this way, are made in a completely brief time and is right for vegetarian diets, vegan or maybe the ones designed for weight loss.

Recipe of Níscalos al ajillo

Like many different garlic recipes, to put together them you may want few elements, the most effective issue that cannot be lacking is garlic and parsley. follow our steps and find out how to make garlic mussels easily and fast.
1- smooth the mussels with a kitchen paper and, if they have soil, moisten the paper, but avoid wetting the mussels. If they’re very massive, reduce them up, and in case you see that they’ve deteriorated portions, reduce them and put off them.
2- Peel the cloves of garlic and chop them finely. Wash the sprig of parsley and cut it up.
three – put the spoonfuls of olive oil in a extensive frying pan and warmth. add the milk caps and flip them over with a wooden spoon even as you let them cook for a minute.
four – upload the garlic and chopped parsley. upload salt and pepper to taste. Stir sometimes at the same time as you let them cook dinner for two mins. If the milk caps are whole or the portions are very big, they’ll take a few more mins to cook.
5 – Serve the níscalos with garlic right away.
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Níscalos al ajillo – recommendations and other recipes
there are various ways wherein you could accompany the níscalos with garlic. in case you opt to observe a vegetarian dish, you could accompany them with a few baking potatoes or revel in them with a rice garnish.

you could additionally upload meat to offer greater variety to this dish and put together the níscalos al ajillo with ham, egg, chorizo or chicken. Any option may be scrumptious.

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